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What Is The Process Of Booking A Flight Once A Membership Has Been Purchased?

Within minutes of membership purchase you will receive an email with the contact info to your Personal Travel Concierge. Whenever you want to fly to a destination, simply contact your Personal Travel Concierge and he/she will handle the booking process and email you your flight tickets/itinerary within a couple hours at the latest. 


Will My Personal Travel Concierge Be Available 24 Hours?

Our dedicated Personal Travel Concierges are humans not ai nor an automated system and therefore may or may not respond during the hours of 10pm EST-8am EST.


Can I Cancel My Flight After It Is Booked?

We cannot guarantee the cancellation of flights. It all depends on the airline policies/guidelines of your booked flight. However, more times than not, flight cancellations are available within 48hrs of booking.


My Company Would Like To Purchase Multiple Memberships For Our Employees, Do You Offer A Bulk Rate?

We deal with multiple companies/businesses that have our “Corporate Partnership Plan”. Please contact to further discuss.

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